Welcome to the Foodlab Website.

People intending to eat with us during Burning Man 2005 should sign up now.

If you have signed up, visit How Can I Help to get pointers.

There are three Foodlab mailing lists, each serving a specific purpose. They are :


This is the announcement list for all Foodlab particpants. A "participant" is anyone who will be joining us for meals. This is the "lowest common denominator" list, and we will be keeping it very low traffic. It is moderated. We strongly urge anyone who will be joining us to subscribe to this list, even if they're subscribed to another Foodlab list, as we cannot guarantee cross posting. All foodlab lists suppress duplicates so you will receive any emails sent to more than one list at only one of the lists you signed up for.
Subscribe to foodlab-announce@mind lace.net


This is the general purpose list for Foodlab participants and organizers. It is unmoderated. This list is where the organizers will go first to get people's opinions about menus and planning, and to ask for volunteers for specific task. This list is also where our participants can talk back and tell us what they want out of Foodlab. We like advice.
Subscribe to foodlab@mindlace.net


This is the mailing list for Foodlab organizers only. How do you know if you're one? Well, if you're actually camping within Foodlab or if you've been specially told you are, you are. Please be aware that we are keeping this list private. Don't try and subscribe unless you're supposed to. I hate rejecting people, it makes me feel like a shit.

Subscribe to foodlab-camp@mindlace.net

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